What We Do

The heart of our group is in our monthly events.  Each month we plan dozens of activities, which are mostly free or at a nominal fee. Events cover all age ranges, locations and a variety of interests.  Some events are more intimate groups of friends at members’ homes, others are large festive events at area attractions.

Playgroups: These provide parents and children the opportunity to get together with other members in a casual setting.


Outings:  Want to get out of the house, but not sure where to go?  Join your new friends while visiting the zoo, hiking some trails, or simply meeting at a playground.  Or, tour a fish farm, a whistle factory, or even a fast food restaurant!  Our creative calendar planners are sure to offer something of interest for you and your child.

firestation tour

Holiday Parties: Join us for extra fun festivities.  Crafts, festive treats, games and more make these some of our most popular events!


“Themed” Get-togethers: Another chance to meet up with other parents in informal settings while your children play.  Some examples of our themed get-togethers are:

  • Craft Hour – A chance to work on the project of your choice while you and your children visit
  • Grub Club – Explore a variety of themed dishes in a relaxed, social setting
  • Coffee Talk – Relax in good company over a cup (or two) of joe
  • Baby Time– A chance for the youngest members of our group to play together


Community Service: Many of our activities are designed to help support our community.  Come and have fun while sending an empowering message to your kids that they’re important enough to have an impact on someone or something else.

Community Service

Parent’s Night Out: Have you had your fill of CandyLand and Dora the Explorer? Leave your kids with Grandma or a sitter and come join us for a fun night out.

Parents Night Out

Here’s a sample of one of our previous calendars:

october calendar

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